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The international, collective exhibition: „Immigrantopolis”

  • access_time 6 May 2019
  • person Maciej Kałuża

The international, collective exhibition „Immigrantopolis” focused on the presence of immigrants in urban space will open on Wednesday, May 15, 2019 at 6 p.m. at the Main Hall of the Pedagogical University in Krakow, ul. Podchorążych 2. The exhibition will be accompanied by a discussion meeting with scientists and artists. The exhibition will be open until May 29 2019.

The project is inspired by the works of Andreas Feininger. In the first half of the XX century, Andreas Feininger, the photographer known as „the architect of the picture”, while wandering the streets of Lower Manhattan, managed to grasp a daily life of European immigrants who were concentrated in the area, attempting to build their own communities. Immigrant enclaves – just like skyscrapers – entered New York’s landscape, becoming an urban phenomenon. Following Feininger’s footsteps, we have created the Photography Project IMMIGRANTPOLIS. The project highlights the presence of immigrants in urban space. Immigrants have long been the actors of the urban scene. In general: they settle mainly in cities, they build their own ethnic communities in these cities, they create ethnic infrastructure in urban space, they enter into the urban landscape, transforming it constantly, and finally becoming a part of local/urban collective memory. Immigrants create history and contemporary social reality of the cities. It is impossible to delineate and capture the image of the contemporary city without capturing its immigrants contexts.  The project also a part of attempts to find new ways of exhibiting and discussing the present and the future of immigrants as an urban phenomenon.

The project is designed as a collaborative endeavor of scholars, curators, photographers, and it will culminate with an international exhibition and a publication of the book. The project is a part of an annual event „Urban Photo Award”, a world-wide photo contest that has come to its 9th edition. The project is hosted by the dotART, a Trieste (Italy) based cultural association, with the support by The Departmant of Sociology of Culture Pedagogical University in Krakow, Poland. The partner of the exhibition in Poland is Krakow Photo Fringe 2019, organized by the Lablab Foundation and the Foundation for the Visual Arts.

Participants of the discussion meeting preceding the opening of the exhibition:

Anna Fiń – sociologist, Assistant Professor at the The Departmant of Sociology of Culture Pedagogical University in Krakow, Poland; substantive support of the „Immigrantopolis” project. She specializes in the sociology of migration, urban sociology and the research of culture and arts. She conducts research on: contemporary migrations of Poles to the United States (with special emphasis on Polonia in New York City), processes of migration of Europeans to the USA and relations between immigrant-based groups as well as on processes of creating and transforming of immigrants neighborhoods.

Łukasz Trzciński – an artist and curator. In the years 1990-2005 he worked as a photojournalist for Polish and world titles such as “National Geographic”, “Rzeczpospolita”, “Polityka”, “Newsweek”, “Przekrój”, “Tygodnik Powszechny”, “The Guardian”. Winner of number of photo contests, including the Pictures of The Year International/USA/ (2004, 2006). His interests oscillate between mechanisms governing the flow of image, and its cultural functions. Initially, a documentarian, having spent years working with committed photographic image, he has abandoned practical photography for an analytic approach to the medium which now provides him with a departure point for far-reaching reflection on political, economic and cultural changes. His practices focus chiefly on toying with the concept of authorship, incorporating other people’s strategies of dealing with image, including viewers’ perception, into his own work. He is currently exploring strategies for managing memory through image, as well as memory of art.


Dariusz Wojakowski – professor of sociology at the Faculty of Humanities, AGH – University of Science and Technology, Kraków, Poland. His research interests include ethnic and intercultural relations, borderland studies, local community studies and anthropology of western cultures. The main areas of his fieldwork are local communities in South-East Poland and Western Ukraine, and immigrant’s groups in Poland.

Tomasz Padło – human geographer and photographer, Assistant Professor in the Institute of Geography at Pedagogical University of Cracow, Poland. In his scientific work, he deals mainly with the perception of space, in photography searching for the relationship between knowledge and image. Co-founder of the Bezgranica Foundation dealing with the promotion of knowledge through visual arts. Winner of a number of photo contests, including the Sony World Photography Award. Laureate of scholarships of the National Center for Culture and Genshagen Stiftung.